It’s immersive.

At LAYERED, we’re your strategic partner in all kinds of brilliance.

Our unique approach to strategic thinking, standout creativity and compelling storytelling is designed to peel back the layers of what really matters to elevate your brand above all the rest.

While our ideas are fresh out the box, our experience isn’t. LAYERED was born from Circa Healthcare Ltd and retains its vastly experienced industry-based team. It’s the same expertise under a new banner.

What we can do for you

Strategic Thinking

Looking to navigate the complexities of the market with strategic precision?

Launch Planning and Execution

Ready to catapult your brand with a launch that leaves a lasting impact?

Making Brands Stand Out

Want to outshine and outperform the competition with your brand?


Need compelling stories that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand’s voice?

Campaigning Content

Searching for creative content ideas that bring your brand to life across multiple channels to reach your audience?

How we do it


It’s forward-thinking.

At LAYERED, thinking isn’t just a process – it’s an art.
We dig deep into understanding your challenges, leveraging our expertise to unravel complexities and get to the heart of what keeps you awake at night.

We understand the dynamics of the environment you operate in because we’ve been there ourselves.

With a unique blend of industry insight and experience, we’re equipped to tackle the toughest of puzzles, ensuring every strategy is not just sound, but groundbreaking.


It’s award-winning.

Creativity at LAYERED goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about crafting solutions that are as effective as they are captivating.

Our award-winning work is a fusion of innovative thinking and practical results, ensuring that what we create isn’t just visually stunning but also delivers measurable outcomes we can all be proud of.


It’s impactful.

Understanding markets and audiences isn’t just part of what we do – it’s at the core of our influence strategy.

At LAYERED, we create campaigns that resonate and inspire change. Our approach is all about making a real impact, measuring results not just in numbers, but in shifts in perception and behaviour.

With LAYERED, you don’t just reach your audience – you move them.

Committed to a greener tomorrow

At LAYERED, our heart is set on nurturing a sustainable future, embracing our role in the veterinary, animal health and pet care sector with pride and supporting like-minded businesses and brands to bring them to the fore.

We continue to strive to reduce our environmental impact, adopting green practices and sustainable solutions for us as well as our clients.

A culture of diversity,
equity and inclusion

At LAYERED, our culture is anything but complicated. It’s straightforward, open and honest. Everyone is welcome, everyone has a voice. We encourage listening, asking questions and sharing problems so we can work together on the solutions – for our team as well as our clients.

We’re passionate about creating workspaces – online or in real life – that unite curious minds, welcome brave opinions and encourage honest recommendations.