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At LAYERED, our talented team is the heart and soul of our success. Get to know the dedicated professionals who make the magic happen.

Meet the team

“Mixing science with creativity? That’s where I shine at LAYERED. I get a kick out of making the complex simple and the simple compelling. It’s about telling stories that not only tick boxes but actually stick with you. My favourite part? Seeing our clients’ eyes light up when we show them a side of their brand they’ve never seen before. It’s like, ‘Wow, we did that?’ Yes. Yes, we did.”

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Managing Director
‘Creative Brainiac’

Dr John Paul Kirton

“I’m all about turning ‘what ifs’ into ‘why nots’ at LAYERED. Strategy isn’t just a buzzword for me; it’s a playground. Helping brands climb higher and shout louder is what I’m passionate, some would say obsessive, about. There’s nothing more satisfying than mapping out a plan and then watching it take off, surpassing all expectations. Every day, we’re putting puzzle pieces together, and the final picture is always worth the effort.”

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Director of Client Engagement and Strategy
‘Can-do Achiever’

Leona Crawford

“Keeping projects on the straight and narrow is what I do best. At LAYERED, it’s about making sure everything runs like clockwork. I love the thrill of juggling all the moving parts, making sure every project lands perfectly. The best bit? That moment when everything comes together flawlessly, and our clients are like, ‘That was smooth.”

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Project Manager Supervisor
‘Solutions Engineer’

Justin Notley

“Bringing ideas to life in ways that make people stop and think? That’s my role here at LAYERED. I’m all about pushing boundaries and drawing outside the lines, but in a way that gets the message across loud and clear. There’s something magical about crafting a campaign that truly resonates. When clients tell us we’ve nailed it, I get goosebumps.”

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Creative Director
‘Visionary Ideator’

Paul Alderson

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