Elevating the awareness of heart disease with Vetmedin®

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim
Product: Vetmedin

Vetmedin is all about heart, so that’s exactly what we poured into this campaign. We set out to show how timely intervention with Vetmedin can change the lives of dogs with heart disease. It’s a story of time, love and the extra beats we can give our furry friends.

Challenge Addressed

Our task was to distinguish Vetmedin in the heart disease treatment space for dogs, highlighting its timely intervention can uniquely impact the lives of many dogs.

Strategic Solutions

Our strategy aimed to create a heartfelt campaign, emphasising the critical timing and life-enhancing benefits of Vetmedin. This initiative wasn’t just about product promotion; it was about fostering a community of care and understanding around canine heart health.

Creative Campaign

The campaign uses striking visuals in which a manipulated image of an hourglass with a knot in the middle is shown. This unique campaign quickly illustrates the key message that Vetmedin delays the progression of heart disease giving dogs more quality time to enjoy doing the things they love.


  • Comprehensive campaign strategy
  • Innovative creative direction
  • Captivating illustrations and visuals
  • Detailed campaign and style guide
  • Brochure and template designs
  • Customised presentation materials
  • Launch and internal communication aids

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