Promoting The Cattle Well-being Pledge

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim
Product: The Cattle Well-being Pledge

Boehringer Ingelheim UK presented a well-defined mission: to take a clear and prominent stance of support alongside farmers. They wanted to show that they too, are ‘All In’ for the Cattle Well-being Pledge. So, we jumped in and crafted a pledge campaign that showcased the dedication of vets and farmers to animal well-being.

Challenge Identified

This challenge revolved around bolstering the reputation of UK farmers as leaders in the cattle industry for welfare standards. The objective was to support veterinarians and farmers in their continuous efforts, provide free educational tools and communicate the goal of ensuring the well-being of cattle across a variety of conditions.

Innovative Solutions

The campaign, titled ‘The Cattle Well-being Pledge’, underscores the unwavering commitment to welfare. It leverages the Boehringer Ingelheim products and additional technical support in providing trusted pain relief and supporting the community’s efforts to maintain well-being.

Creative Execution

Farmers and veterinarians are committed to the health and well-being of their herds, operating around the clock, under any weather conditions. Capturing the essence of this dedication, we ventured to a working dairy farm in Scotland for an on-farm photoshoot. The creative focus is on the tireless dedication of vets and farmers, using striking imagery of farm life against the backdrop of time.

Impactful Deliveries

  • Targeted campaign planning
  • Creative campaign concepts
  • On-farm photoshoot
  • Campaign and copywriting guide
  • Social campaign and email designs
  • Print assets and digital banners


As well as four months of disease awareness branded articles featuring in Farmers Guardian directing readers to the pledge hub, concurrent online articles further enhanced the message. A particular online article received over 3,300 views alone and likely contributed to the over 3,500 views the learning hub received. A variety of paid media was used to bolster reach, securing an impressive 634,000+ impressions, with online banners generating organic views of 170,000+. By working with well-known and respected farmers, influencer content had a large impact on the campaign – bringing in over 9.5 hours of watch time and over 12,500 impressions.

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