Uniting equine vets worldwide with Aservo®

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim
Product: Aservo EquiHaler

A breath of fresh air – that’s how we approached Aservo EquiHaler’s campaign for treating equine asthma. Crafting a global event that felt like a cosy village gathering, we united equine vets worldwide to learn, share and breathe easier about asthma treatment.

Challenge Unravelled

Boehringer Ingelheim aimed to elevate awareness and understanding of equine asthma, addressing the need for advanced treatment solutions in a market hungry for innovation and education.

Strategic Breakthrough

To meet this need, an amazing, 3-day Global Equine Asthma event was designed, using a bespoke virtual platform to connect GP equine vets worldwide. This event was distinguished by its interactive ‘virtual village’ creating an irresistibly engaging atmosphere for learning and networking.

Virtual Village

Our virtual village provided a unique environment full of beautiful hand-drawn illustrations designed to give the event a charming and easy-to-navigate relaxed vibe.

Impactful Deliverables

  • Creation of comprehensive event platform branding
  • Event marketing social campaign
  • Development of an engaging, illustrated virtual environment
  • Execution of a global educational initiative
  • Strengthening community amongst GP equine vets
  • Enhancing brand visibility and leadership in equine asthma treatment

The Results

Veterinary Marketing Award winner 2022 – Virtual/Hybrid event

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