Revolutionising animal sedation with Zenalpha®

Client: Dechra
Product: Zenalpha

When Dechra came to us, they were looking to shake things up in the animal sedation market. Our mission? To highlight how Zenalpha makes sedation less stressful for animals and easier on vets. It was all about finding that sweet spot where science meets serenity.

Challenges Overcome

Dechra sought to elevate Zenalpha in a competitive market, aiming for a standout solution that emphasises its unique advantages in stress reduction and sedation efficiency for animals.

Strategic Innovations

Leveraging Dechra’s pioneering spirit, we devised a campaign that resonated with empathy, focusing on Zenalpha’s less stressful mode of action and recovery benefits. Our comprehensive approach blended with insightful storytelling, setting Zenalpha apart as a leading choice for time-poor vets.

Creative Thinking

Stressful sedation? We don’t have time for that. Simple, clear creative catches the viewer’s attention to communicate the message of calm. Custom photography works with Photoshop to create a memorable image that encourages the viewer to learn more.

Materials Delivered

  • Targeted ads and social media images, catering to specialists, GPs and nurses
  • Web banners, email headers and an 8-page technical brochure
  • In-depth MOA and in-use videos
  • Comprehensive campaign materials including PPT templates, a dose chart and promotional items

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