Growing swine health and profitability with Enterisol®

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim
Product: Enterisol

How do you grow pigs with pictures? That’s the challenge Enterisol posed to us (sort of). We cooked up a campaign that spotlighted Enterisol Ileitis as the big player in swine health, emphasising that with Enterisol, bigger really is better. It’s a story of growth, health and hefty pigs.

Challenges Tackled

The challenge was to position Enterisol as an authority in swine health, emphasising its efficacy in promoting growth and health, within an intensely competitive market.

Strategic Breakthroughs

Digging deep into market insights, we developed a narrative that celebrated Enterisol’s innovative contributions to swine health. The campaign was designed to inform and inspire, spotlighting the product’s significant impact on efficiency and profitability in swine farming.

The Creative Idea

In the swine industry, size matters. For profits, return on investment and daily weight gain, bigger is better. This advertising campaign used striking custom illustration to play on clothing and convey the message that with Enterisol Ileitis, there is ‘more to gain’.

Key Deliverables

  • Strategic marketing approach
  • Creative development
  • Innovative illustrations
  • Comprehensive style and messaging guide
  • Brochure and digital toolkit

Outcomes and Achievements

Veterinary Marketing Awards 2023 – highly commended international marketing campaign 

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